Hello there. I’m Chris. I take strange pictures and I meet strange people, both of which you may care to know about. Religiously, a Pagan by practice, Theosophist by philosophy, and an Atheist when it gets down to the nitty gritty. Huge supporter of the GSM/Queer community. An amateur film photographer, science hobbiest, and both a techie and a bit of a luddite depending on the technology in question.


I found my Cambridge Latin Course book.  So.  Yeah.  DOCTOR WHO! FIRES OF POMPEII. Based on a real book, which is based on real people. =P

Just so you know, in the later books, Quintus actually survives Pompeii.  The rest of the family dies, and there is a super sad scene where Caecillius is crushed by a collapsing wall, and Cerberus stays by his side until the ash smothers them both.  But Quintus!  He survives and has WACKY adventures, including going all the way to Carthage and meeting Dido, who falls in love with him.  Cambridge Latin Course everybody!

((Is it me, or does Peter Capaldi look a little bit like Caecillius?)